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The Explaining Things To Tracy Collection: Volume 5, The Van

Sometimes dealing with people is sunny and delightful, and you both use your big-boy (or girl) words and speak politely and the conversation doesn’t make you think of murder.

And sometimes it goes another way…

Tracy: <answering phone> ***insert generic professional greeting***

Them: “We locked the keys in the van.  Can you tell me if there is a spare set up there?”

Tracy: <goes to check> “I have a key for a white Ford van, model number #####.  Is that the one you’re asking about?”

Them: “I don’t know about all that!”

Tracy: <long pause> “Um… you don’t know if the vehicle is white or not?”

Them: <yelling now, in a SUPER condescending tone> “NO!!! IT’S A VAN!!!”


Tracy: <fighting all her instincts and remaining professionally calm> “Yes, but might that VAN be painted a color?  Can you look at it with your eyes and tell me through the magic of sight if it’s white or not?”


Another moderately successful interaction with a person!

{for more of your reading pleasure, please enjoy these lessons where Tracy learned to use the hole puncher, the alphabet, the soap, and Time Warner Cable}  

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One thought on “The Explaining Things To Tracy Collection: Volume 5, The Van

  1. Sarah on said:

    I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like I should begin a conversation with someone at work be saying “Do you know your right from your left?” before proceeding with any further directions

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