for a rainy day
tardis floating space doctor who across the universe

The Stages of Doctor Who

This is terrible

Oh, wow, that was kind of awesome

Yes Netflix, I do want to continue.  Stop asking!

Huh, I forgot to sleep last night

Who is David Tennant?

Holy shit, David Tennant is incredible


When was the last time I showered?


Touche, the Doctor.  Touche!

Why are you making me feel these things?


There is nothing scarier in the world than the Weeping Angels


I thought that person was dead


I didn’t get to say goodbye

I’m afraid to sleep now.  That kid with the gas mask will haunt me.


This doesn’t make any sense


I need to take a break for a few days

I hope this show never ends!

Is there a guide that helps you track all of this stuff?

How many sick days do I have?

Huh, when did I start crying? Am I dehydrated?


NOOOOO!!!  David Tennant, don’t leave me!

I will never love again


I’m done with all of this!

I’m back and I hope this show never ends

What…what do you mean the internet is out?

“TIME WARNER CABLE, I will burn you to the ground!”


“Ok, yes, it’s back on…no, I won’t call again”

I need to stop saying wanker so much

This f**king WANKER!!!

Ah, that was wonderful


I am not pleased 

That is definitely going to give me nightmares

If I ever meet any of the writer of this show I will kiss them straight on the mouth

A flying Christmas shark…well that is just the culmination of all of my worst fears

This show is too much great

I’m having a lot of feelings


“Hello, work?  I’m taking a sabbatical until this story line ends.”

BBC, you clever minx!

***pauses show only long enough to paint ALL THE WALLS BLUE***

How much time has passed?

Ah, it hurts so good.


I love you, The Doctor.

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