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The Explaining Things to Tracy Collection: Volume 4, TWC

I have Time Warner Cable as my internet provider… either because I’m a masochist or because they were the only option. Seriously, how has the government not shut down that Monopoly?

So I had to call TWC the other day because not only is their service expensive, it’s also crappy and goes out if the wind blows too hard or there’s a cloud in the sky… or if it’s Tuesday. And then you get to speak to one of their 8 bajillion customer service representatives whose business cards say “I don’t get paid enough to care about your problems”.

Now we pause for a brief moment of self-introspection. Friends, I understand that I look like an idiot and I have come to terms with that fact, but this encounter happened over the phone so there is no excuse.

Let’s watch:

TWC: “Thank you for calling Time Warner Cable, how may I help you?”

Tracy: “Hi, I’m having some trouble with my wifi. The box says I’m getting a signal but I think there’s a problem with the router. I’ve already done all the troubleshooting steps recommended and it’s still just blinking that there’s an error. It did the same thing a few weeks ago and the wifi signal has been shotty at best lately. I think maybe the receiver is going bad because it is really old.”

TWC: <in condescending male tone> “Ma’am, are you sure it’s plugged in?”







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2 thoughts on “The Explaining Things to Tracy Collection: Volume 4, TWC

  1. Peggy on said:

    I feel like so much “snarky” was left unwritten😁

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