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Tracy Learns To Commit

You may have heard that I was a little quasi-homeless for the last FOREVER!tumblr_mjdt0nyiyn1qzc7v3o2_500

I believe I might have mentioned that a time or two… or…

{Homeless post One, Two, Three, Four, Five}


In fact, I made so many jokes about sleeping under my desk at the office, that I came in one day to discover THIS:

This is what happens when the people you work with are INCREDIBLE, and also they have a surplus of boxes in the IT department.  It should also be noted that:

  1. Everybody just assumed that I built this for myself, and weirdly nobody thought that was weird.  Apparently I have quite the reputation for doing weird, over the top things at work…sweater…but alas, I cannot claim credit for the genius of this cardboard house.  That credit goes to Anne Oakes, Jef Ryan, and Charlie Mewshaw.
  2. This video is now a part of the IT presentation that those guys make when they go out and do trainings, so stories of my homelessness shall live on throughout eternity!57b7c04b8602333f490eecfa5e634349
  3. And lastly, it should be noted that as I sat working in my fort for a week I did not explain anything to the confused people who passed by unless they specifically stopped and asked.  I would just look up through the styrofoam window bars, say a real cheery HELLO, and then go back to work as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

But friends, the wonderful news is that I AM NO LONGER HOMELESS!!!!!

After several months of staying with some of the most wonderful people I have ever known, living out of a giant IKEA bag, spending hours and days in coffee shops, and commuting across the freaking state on a regular basis…




Homeless no more!  In a house! A house that I own! A house that has no furniture because the snow storm of the century hit before I could get my stuff inside!  A house that is all pretty and girly and covered in glitter and candles and soft blankets!

My house!

Friends, say hello to the first commitment I have ever made in all the 30 years of my life!!!  That is actually true.  For the girl who always likes to keep her passport and a bug out bag handy, this is a huge step.  I like to know that at any moment I can pick up and disappear, so I would call this new housing development PROGRESS.  What’s next?  The world of grown up responsibilities and long term commitments is before me!  Hey, maybe I’ll try actual relationships and putting down roots… in a couple years?  I mean, you’ve got to crawl before you can walk.

Real Estate: It’s the commitment equivalent of getting a face tattoo, but for your credit.

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One thought on “Tracy Learns To Commit

  1. I’m so proud and happy for you cousin!

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