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Happy Anniversary, the Internet

Today is the blog’s 2nd Birthday!!!!! Woohoo!!!

We have officially been doing this nonsense together for 2 years as of today! So to you lovable weirdos who still find this entertaining, let me just say that I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!!!  No, I don’t think you understand how much I truly mean those words.  I cannot believe that this blog has made it through 2 years and not just kept readers, but DOUBLED and TRIPLED readers!  For serious?  You guys are amazing and I want to kiss you straight on the face.

Whoa, that got weird… and it’s not going to get any less weird just yet, because I made you all a card to celebrate this anni-blog-iversary that we are celebrating on this day:

anv card1

That, right there, is true love!  You can take that to the bank.  

So I love this blog.  A lot!  Too much, probably, but that’s okay.  I birthed this thing from my mind-hole and have given it everything I’ve got for 2 years, and it’s become a little interweb staple. And I’d like to believe that we’ve learned a lot together…

Things we’ve learned these 2 years:

(1) Turns out you CAN make a career out of being a smart ass!  Take THAT every person who told me I need to grow up or act my age or stop saying everything that came into my mind the second I thought it or that I should stop cussing so much.  So kids, don’t give up on your dreams, because the internet has zero standards.

(2) Mindy Kaling gifs sustain the internet (and this blog)



(3) No matter what I write on this blog moving forward, the First Date Eavesdropping post will always be everybody’s favorite blog post.

(4) The word F*CK is always funny.  I know some of you wish I used it less, but your problem isn’t with me, it’s with science.  Science says it’s true (as proven here in the first ever post by The Bloggess):



(5) You guys are amazing and encouraging, and every time you tell me you like a post, my heart grows three sizes!!!


(6) Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift apart.  This doesn’t have anything to do with the blog, but I still learned it this year.  Plus, if you hate this post because there’s no funny story coming today, then at least you learned something!



It’s been a great two years!  I reached and EXCEEDED my goal to hit 10,000 reads, and the blog is being read all over the world!!!  This is a milestone for me, especially considering I don’t stick to things.

So this is quite an achievement for me!  2 years strong, my friends!  And like all the parents on facebook, I wanted to celebrate this achievement, too!


So thank you for sticking with me and I am so glad that you like FOR A RAINY DAY!  May the coming year contain many more uncomfortably blog-able events and splendidly awkward situations for your reading pleasure!  May we find ridiculous things to mock together!  May the odds be ever in your… wait, that doesn’t apply here.

So Happy Anniversary, For A Rainy Day!!!  There are many MANY exciting and HUGELY WONDERFUL things in the works right now for the coming year (but more on that soon, because it’s too soon to announce yet… because something about counting chickens before they hatch?).  So here’s to year 3!  You will not want to miss it, because this one is going to be the best yet!

I love you guys!


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