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Happy Cold & Flu Season!


I’m sick. There is nothing terribly remarkable about that fact seeing as it is the beginning on the magical allergy/clod/flu season, where your immune system weakens and then spends the rest of the winter being systematically attacked. The remarkable part is that I am admitting it, because I usually live in denial and refuse to admit that I am sick. You would think that a home-body like me would love to have an excuse to call out of work, stay at home in my sweats and watch TV; sick days, however, are hard to come by and are therefore sacred and not to be used lightly. Once used it then takes several months to accrue more sick days. Illness is for the rich, not a luxury for us paycheck-to-paycheck street urchins.

Whew, what a tangent. That somehow went from allergies to socioeconomic structure. Not even sure how that happened.

Did I have a point?…..

Oh yes, I am not an easy sick person. Most people would just take some NyQuill and happily sleep the day away. Not me. Oh sure, I’m taking as much NyQuill as the little instruction box will allow, but there is no sleeping. I have these crazy genes that I got from my mom that won’t allow me to sleep during daylight hours when useful, productive things should be getting done. (That’s the reason I wake up daily at 7am no matter what…it’s also the reason I’m grouchy every day by 9pm)


So, I’m all groggy from pooling the pills in my medicine cabinet and taking a few at random, yet still unable to sleep. Then comes in the whining. Confession: My name is Tracy and I’m pathetic when I’m sick. I whine and am in general just kind of look like a sad sack. The only person strong enough to withstand the sight is my mother, because she’s a freakin rock star! Not only does she put up with the whining, she is also the bringer of soup and tissues and blankets and ginger ale and channel changers and all things that are good and pure in this world. Now, she doesn’t know what it’s like personally to be sick because she’s the healthiest woman alive. She’s one of those healthy-eating, vitamin-taking, herbal-remedy, all-natural guru types. I don’t know how she does her witchcraft but you can call her with any ailment and that voodoo lady can give you the craziest remedy. There may be rain dances and animal sacrifices, who knows, but you’ll be all better in 1-2 days! She will outlive us all.

Luckily I have figured out the cure for being sick, perfected over several years. Orange Juice, a soft blanket, Disney movies, egg drop soup, blackout curtains, Vicks, a puppy (for cuddling, not sacrificing as previously joked about), sweatpants, hot tea with honey, and laying on the couch. Patent pending.

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