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Sad Face

My sister leaves today for freaking Oklahoma. She and I said goodbye last night, not with actual words of course, but with a hug and a non-versation where nobody talks but stuff gets said.

And so I am heartbroken. Not just because my sister/best friend is gone, but because she had the audacity to take this one with her:
20130930-152158.jpg That is my sweet nephew Mason, and that boy is the love of my life. True story. So, I’ve always been all dead inside and used to average 1 cry every 5 years or so. Then my sister adopted Mason and he broke me. All of a sudden I was like a real person with shiny new emotions I didn’t know how to operate, whose eyes started leaking with sudden frequency. It was bizarre.

And now that glorious child is moving to the wasteland of Oklahoma, so very many states away from me. It’s hard to have family in other states when you’re broke and a terrible driver. It’s not conducive to travel.

But it’s okay, I’m taking the loss like a champ.tumblr_m8qhnnFXRF1qlcuvqo1_500 

listen to Taylor Swift

Oklahoma, YOU DON’T DESERVE THEM. You are:

troy 2 troy 3

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