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Don’t Shoot at a Hurricane

This is an actual thing that I heard on the radio less than 5 days ago before Hurricane Irma hit:

“It has come to our attention that a rumor is circulating, claiming that if you shoot a gun directly into a hurricane you can cause it to change directions. Florida officials want to make it very clear that this is not accurate and they urge citizens NOT to fire guns into the hurricane.”

……no…. really….. go back and read it again…….

I can feel you still being skeptical that this is a real thing that actually happened, but here is the proof if you doubt me: 

……And yeah, I don’t even actually have a blog post to follow this, I just felt like you should all be aware that there are chunks of human persons who live around you as neighbors and friends, and who operate motor vehicles on your streets, and who freaking VOTE that believe they can shoot a hurricane in the face and scare it away into your yard in order to save themselves. Everyone should be aware of that so you can…. I don’t know, start stocking up your apocalypse bunkers and what-not.

Apparently it started out as a joke…. but then Florida “Florida-ed” it up (FLORIDA-ed:// meaning “to take something that’s already bad and make it worse“) and took it seriously, despite the fact that the source was a bored student of Facebook just trying to make a joke. And so the people took to the streets to fight off the weather!

“Is this helping? Is this how weather works?”

So, yeah…. this isn’t a real blog post. Just one of those things that made me stop and say: “Really, world? Really?” And also if I had to hear it, then so do you.

Dammit, Florida! 

Joffrey, if Florida were a person, florida meme

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