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Not Appropriate for All Ages

The other day I found myself overly excited by some most wonderful news about a huge project I’ve been working on while I was on the phone with my sister and brother-in-law. And I found myself….. well………..

Tracy: “Holy #^&%^*%^@&$#, that is fantastic news!!! Are you kidding me? HOLY %$^#%&^%*#%&^^%$^#”

Reid (my brother-in-law): “Um yeah, so you should probably know that you’re on speaker phone right now….”

Tracy: (finally calming down enough to think logically and properly feel shame) “Oh no, are all the kids sitting there?”

Mason (my sweet, innocent, perfect, untainted 7-year old nephew) “Yup!”

Tracy: “Mason, I am so sorry. Aunt Tracy just said a lot of really bad words. I’m really, probably sorry.”

<<<long pause>>>

Mason (seriously y’all, he’s only freaking 7years old): “Yeah, maybe in the future you should ask if the room is kid-safe before you talk.”

The moral of this story is that speaker phone is dangerous. And also, that child will one day rule the world!!!

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