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A Lid For Every Pot

Her: “……and I was telling her it was just like that expression ‘There is a lid for every pot.’

Me: “That is a terrible expression.”

Her: “No, it’s adorable.”

Me: “No it’s not. I mean, I have like 16 lids in my kitchen, and somehow not a damn one of them fits ANY of the pots that I own. Therefore that saying is horrible.”

Her: “You’re being too literal.”

Me: “Is it possible that whoever came up with that expression has never been in a kitchen before?”

Her: “It’s just an analogy.”

Me: “Is that analogy supposed to be that for every pot there is a lid that is a little too big, but it works just okay enough so you use it anyway, even though the lip is too big and hangs over the edge of the pot, and it drips water on the burner every time you make rice, so your kitchen always smells like ashes? Is that what the analogy is saying? Because I’ve got to say, that seems kind of bleak.”

Her: “That… is not what I was saying.”

Me: “Well thank goodness for that, because that would be kind of a sad outlook.”

Her: “I honestly don’t know how we got here.”

Me: “A better saying would be ‘For every pot, there is a custom made, vacuum sealed lid that conforms perfectly to the rim of the pot to create an absolute seal. And that lid is tethered to the pot by an indestructible metal chain so you can’t ever lose it.’ See, I feel like that is more accurate to the point that you were trying to make.”

Her: “Hmmmm… it sounds just a little less romantic though.” 

Me: “Then my work here is done.”

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One thought on “A Lid For Every Pot

  1. HAHAHA! You are hilarious and I love the way your brain works. Your analagy totally works for me!

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