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When I Grow Up

As children we all have a dream job-esque goal for our lives when we grow up.  Some people want to be cowboys or astronauts, maybe even ballerinas.  Some of you who were born adults wanted to be teachers and executives.  I, however, went a different way (as I am known to due).  When I was a wee child I literally dreamed of one day becoming the Queen of Canada.


This is all 100% true.

Adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and with absolute clarity and confidence I would say “I’m planning to rule Canada with an iron fist”.


Now before you detail oriented people say “Tracy, there is no Queen of Canada”, let me stop you and say …yeah, I know that… and that’s because I’m not there yet.


But it’s not like I’m going at this blindly.  I have a whole plan for how it’s all going to go.  And here is that plan in it’s entirety and how it would/will play out:

Tracy: <to all Canadians>: “Hey guys, you see all of this area here called Canada?  Yeah, this is all mine now.”


Canadians: “Yeah, okay aye.  Would you like a donut?”

Tracy: “You know, I WOULD like a donut.  Thank you loyal subjects.”

Canadians: “Oh it’s no problem, aye.  Could we get you any free healthcare?”

Tracy: “Yes that would be lovely.  And spread the word, no more speaking French.”

Canadians: “Roger that, aye.”


You’ve got to love my Canadians.  As a token of my thanks and love for you all please accept a handful of your new currency:


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