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The Best Valentine’s Cards for Those You LOVE (or hate)

 Well hello to you, my Valentine’s.  You’re looking mighty beautiful today!

So for Valentine’s Day I decided to make an array of cards for you to give to your loved ones.  Store cards can be so cold and rarely say what is in your heart, but these express our feelings perfectly.

Up first, you need to find some candy, because Valentine’s Day is about indulging…and diabetes…probably.  So here are some custom made candy hearts:ConvoHeart1 ConvoHeart2

But of course, candy alone is not enough, so here is a selection of cards for you to choose from.  Please print these out or share them electronically.  They are my gift to your relationships (because I’m the best f**king third wheel you will ever have!)

And here we go:v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8 v9Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my lovelies! I hope that you share these with the people you love (and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get me famous)

You are loved!

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