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2015: Let’s Do This Thing

Well friends, it’s the start of a new year and I am still riding my high from winning Christmas!

Some of you well adjusted people out there are probably thinking “that’s a weird sentence because Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness, not competition”. But nope-
Christmas in our family is a competition and only the strong survive and this year I WON with this:
This was for my brother-in-law whom I have a long love-hate relationship with. This clown is named Theodore. He probably won’t murder you in your sleep but there’s no way to be certain.
So, excited about my winning streak (is it still a streak if it’s only one victory?…let’s not pull at that thread too hard) we move forward to New Years Eve!!!

A day of listing the things you didn’t get around to last year and putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself to turn it around by the first week in January. Ah, living the dream!
I actually like New Years Eve…well…somewhat…I don’t drink…and I get the sleepys around 10ish…and crowds bum me out…wait, do I like New Years Eve? No, yeah, I totally do. Because NYE is about glitter and fresh starts, and I fully support both of those things!

And I too have some goals for this year. Not personal goals really, because I’m writing this while wearing yoga pants so I’d say my life is pretty much squared away and functioning at 110%. But goals for this blog…

Some goals for this year:
1) Get FOR A RAINY DAY to the 10,000 reads point. We’re getting close friends, currently sitting at 5,600. Hmmm, maybe even 20,000?
2) Get picked up by more publications (more news on this coming, but I’m trying to stay calm until things actually happen…something about hatching eggs and counting…)
3) Free vacations and extra sick days for everybody!
4) Figure out Reddit

And I’m ringing in the new year the way we all should: with a Doctor Who party wearing a Tardis dress and playing Cards Against Humanity.

So Happy New Year you beautiful, charming, lovely and wise people. You are magnificent and I love your faces!
Enjoy this little song sung by my new HelloGiggles boss Zooey D to get you in the spirit!

P.S. My sister leaves for Oklahoma tomorrow so get prepared for the coming movie marathon post as we grieve the loss. Any suggestions of movies?

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