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Expectation vs Reality

I think I probably have to stop talking to people. While out in the real world today, in the year of 2014 a human person actually said the following sentence: “That is just like a woman. They are never satisfied.” I had two responses: the one that happened in my head and the one that happened out loud.


him:    “That is just like a woman. They are never satisfied.”

me:      “Gosh women are the worst. You let us vote and show our knees in public now, what more do we want? You were even nice enough to stop throwing us in lakes to see if we float to find out if we were witches. Geez, maybe once we stop having to go into that hut outside of town to have our periods together we’ll get to be actual people. Until then, would you excuse me. I’m going to go make you some brownies.”

tumblr_nga7qtt5ib1shtqapo1_500 WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED:

him:    “That is just like a woman. They are never satisfied.”

me:     <nervous laughter> “ha ha…I don’t like those words” mXX3x0U

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