for a rainy day

So Much Nothing

Some days are just like this…

me: I should really write a new blog post today. It’s been a few days since the last one and I promised to try to post once a week at minimum.

brain: well let’s get writing!

me: okay, I’ve got nothing creative, how about you?

brain: not just yet, but you just start writing nonsense and I’ll jump in and jazz it all up into a literary masterpiece worthy of fame and fortune.

me: okay…so last night was Thursday but I totally thought it was Friday, so I woke up super pissed this morning when my alarm went off and threw my phone. Thank God my phone case is so strong because…brain? This isn’t getting better…nobody is going to want to read this…brain?

brain: <cricket chirping>

me: you are such a dick. This is why I won’t let you go to grad school. Get your sh*t together.

brain: ***not answering and refusing to make eye contact***

me: ***realizing I’m arguing with myself***

brain: just add a funny picture and they’ll never know you’re creativity is broken. Speak of this to no one.


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