for a rainy day

Fun With Dick & Jane

I saw a “Fun With Dick & Jane” picture today and I couldn’t stop laughing at the descriptions of each picture and what they made me think the picture should ACTUALLY look like based on those description.  

That is how this project started.

So this is what I did today…because I spend my time wisely.


Before we go any farther, I want it to be noted that I took the high road on these jokes and didn’t make the obvious ones.  I want SOOO much credit for that because…one book was all about Dick and Jane making something blue.  I had a mini-anuerism fighting off that’s what she said jokes.








FYI–The above could also be called “Coke–Pepsi–Sam’s Club”…as my brother explains it he is the Coca-Cola of the family, my sister is the Pepsi and I am the Sam’s Club.  That’s my family!




I hope that you have enjoyed these classic tales from your childhood, corrected and restored for your viewing pleasure.

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