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Some of you just groaned and thought, “Ugh, this is going to be a serious post.  No thank you!  If I wanted to feel things I would watch The Notebook.”


Bear with me friends.  Yes, parts of this are going to be serious, and most of it is going to be me telling you to buy things and give money, but I am going to convince you with my charm and manipulation, and then I’m going to end with a joke.  Let’s take this journey together, shall we?   You’re already hooked!


Some of you may not know this but my beautiful nephew Mason is adopted.  But of course you all knew that because I literally talk about him all the time.  I talk about Mason more than I breathe.  He is the golden child and also the chosen one.  And he is perfect.  I know you all have sweet little darlings in your life and you think that they are the most perfect child in the world…but you’re wrong.


I’m sure you’re child is second, but Mason has a lock on first place.

What, you want proof of his perfection?  Okay, I’ll give you a little taste.  Mason was only 11 months old when he left Mother Russia and came home.  After only a month here, at 1 year old, my boy was a rock star: Lauren fell asleep on the couch one day and sweet little Mason toddler-ed himself down the hall to his room, got his blankie, brought it back and covered her up.  At a year old he just put all other men to shame with his studly-ness and chivalry.


This is the same kid who would sing me Soft Kitty while he tucked me in at night.  He’s perfection, and he is also the love of my life.  True story.

But enough about Mason (for now-I always circle back to him); you should probably learn a little about this couple that I am going to ask you to help, because after all, you’re giving them a baby.  I’ll give you the Spark Notes version.  Well, Lauren is the greatest person ever ever.  She is my sister and if you ever said anything bad about me Lauren would be the one who punched you in the face.  Just kidding…somewhat.  And Reid, well he’s married to Lauren.  His and my personalities are so similar that sometimes when we are in the same room I’m afraid the world is going to implode.

How did they decide to adopt?  They went to a church service at the Summit, their first week there, and the message was about adoption.  After the service they got in the car, looked at each other, and both said that God had told them to adopt.  Whew, Disney couldn’t write something that good!  That happened around the same time Mason was being born.  Do you have chills yet?  Almost exactly a year later they flew home with my sweet, beautiful Mason.  You can hear the rest of the story in a few years in the documentary coming out entitled “Mason Hottel: Chuck Norris has been Dethroned”.  In theaters everywhere Summer 2016.


Warning: we are about to shift in to the fundraising portion of this post.  Be calm.


So it turns out that adoptions are expensive!  Who knew right?  You’d think that flying around the world 1-3 times and picking up a baby would be economical, but you would be wrong.  And that is where fundraising comes in:

Fundraising: from the root words "fund-", meaning money, and "-raising", meaning making you uncomfortable.

But Lauren knows how to fundraise right.  She has designed these amazing shirts, which you can see right here:

Photo on 12-17-13 at 5.22 PM #4

Photo on 12-17-13 at 5.22 PM

If you are thinking “Whew, those shirts are incredible!  I have to have one this instant!”, than you are correct…and wise…and lovely.  However, you may be wondering about the meaning of the image.  It’s super cool and here is the copied/pasted explanation:

According to an ancient Chinese belief, when a child is born an invisible red thread connects that child’s soul to all those people–present and in the future–who will play a part in his or her life. As each birthday passes, the thread shortens, bringing closer those people who are fated to be together. The thread connects the hearts of orphaned children to their parents across the world, drawing them together.

Tell me that isn’t adorable.  And you can have one!  All of the biggest celebs are getting involved.  Check out these stars rocking their Red Thread shirts:



katnYou don’t want to miss out on what is becoming the hottest trend of the season!!!  Order now because the first wave of shirts is already selling out quickly!  A second shipment should be coming in 2-3 weeks. 

There are also bags!  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, BAM, it does!

Photo on 12-17-13 at 5.23 PM

Why don’t you buy it as a Christmas gift?  What could be better than buying a gift for someone and when they open it tell them not only will they look smokin but their gift helped bring a baby girl home to her family.  That’s a Merry Christmas for everyone!!!

And the best part, you are buying something that will help an little girl child come home!  Look at this picture:

Photo on 12-17-13 at 5.37 PM #4

…you see how there is no baby in my arms?  That’s because you haven’t bought your shirt yet.  I look crazy just holding nothing.  Buy a shirt so that I won’t look like a crazy person just holding nothing.

Serious moment warning!………………..My sister and her husband are amazing people and they love Mason with all they have.  Mason was never an orphaned child because from the moment he was born his parents were fighting to bring him home.  They are stellar parents.  And now they have a daughter, they just don’t have a way to get to her.  She’s waiting for her family to come for her.


Okay, serious moment over.  Please visit Lauren’s Etsy page and order your shirt.

Lauren’s Etsy Page Link!!!!

Order them through Etsy or post the size(s) you want and you can pick them up when she gets in to town on Dec 23rd!  But make sure you reserve your size because the first shipment is selling out fast.

Please post pictures of you in your shirt.  Please share her Etsy page and this post and encourage others to support.  Share it with your friends who like T-shirts and babies…aka-everybody

Here’s the link again:  Lauren’s Etsy Page!!!

You guys are the best!  When you order please comment here so we can all celebrate and Lauren can feel the love of those who are helping bring her baby home!

And now, I promised you that I would end with a joke.  A little humor to wrap it all up.  Here you go:


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