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Thanksgiving Is A Marathon


I love holidays a ridiculous amount.  It doesn’t matter what the holiday is, I will love it and I will celebrate it to the point that other people think I’m insane.  Martha Stewart would look at me and say, “that girl might need to calm down”.

And I really love Thanksgiving.  What could be better than a holiday centered around hanging out with family and eating?  The answer is nothing, and the question is ridiculous.  Plus, it’s a chance to whip out your best recipes and bask in the glow of your families praise as they oooohhhh and aaaahhhh at your culinary talents.  So you know, win-win.

But of course, that’s not all that Thanksgiving is about.  We all know the real meaning of the celebration:

This year, in true going-over-the-top manner, I had 4 Thanksgivings.  That’s right, 4!

Thanksgiving #1: Friends-Giving with my small group from church and a very intense game of Boxers or Briefs…I’m not going to explain that game so let your imaginations run wild…or google it.

Thanksgiving #2: @ my mom and Sam’s house.  A few of Sam’s sons couldn’t make it to the real Thanksgiving so we had a sort of pre-game.  Things I learned at this meal…men love Football.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.  I grew up with girls.  My brother was 10 years older and had his own TV so I never had to watch games.  Those days are gone.

Thanksgiving #3: Thanksgiving with my lovely friend’s the White’s.  They are probably the cutest couple ever.  It’s sort of like having dinner with Snow White and Prince Charming, but with a little more sarcasm.

Thanksgiving #4: aka-real Thanksgiving!  The big show! Having perfected the art over the last 3 weeks, this was maybe the best meal ever.  As I was driving to my mom’s house and I passed a very anxious looking man, hiding in his car and chain smoking, I couldn’t help but think “Huh, I really like my family!”  So that is what I’m thankful for.  My family may be weird but they are magnificent.  

But we all know that the Thanksgiving meal, though once meaningful, is now just the carbo-loading before the big event…



Yes, I observe the high holiday of Black Friday.

Someone told me that people who shop on Black Friday are the biggest problem in our country?


Do you think maybe we should re-evaluate that statement?  The economy is destroyed to the point that we are about to have to go back to the bartering system of trading animal pelts for other goods, but me buying cheap movies is bringing down the country?  Thousands of kids are going missing each year, but me buying items on sale is the problem of our nation?  Florida is still a part of our country, but my shopping is a blight to our nation?  I’m just saying, maybe we should re-evaluate our scale of crimes against humanity.

Do I think the stores are opening too early? Sure.  Am I going to stop going?  No way Peanut.  Why?  Because I think the whole Black Friday event is fun.  Also, stuff is cheap which is important to me because I’m broke.


Some of my favorite family memories have happened on Black Friday.  I will never forget the year we spent Thanksgiving at my brother’s house in St Mary’s, Georgia.  For the proper context you need to know that the show My Name is Earl is based off of this town.  My brother, though not a Black Friday enthusiast, did volunteer to drive us after several hours of psychological warfare.  The beauty of this arrangement was that we didn’t have to try to park, we could just get dropped off at the door, run in, and run back out…theoretically.  What actually happened is we went to Best Buy (rookie mistake), waited for 2 hours in line, only to find out that the item my sister was buying WASN’T ON SALE!  That rage, coupled with the crippling tiredness took it’s toll on my poor brother.  Or so he claimed in his defense after the incident.  His wife, Janet, got out of the car to walk in to the store.  My brother, who was just so tired, believed that his foot was on the brake…but that was not the case.  In actuality the car was rolling.  And that was the Black Friday that my brother hit his wife with the car.  Ever the champ she reclaimed her balance, offered him a gesture, and then proceeded with her mission.  I love my family!


But now Thanksgiving is officially over, and so we move forward to CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


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