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I Might Be Too Excited


The 13 year old girl in me is ecstatic!! Last night NSYNC reunited, what the what?!?!? Sure, it was only for 2 minutes of the longest performance ever, but it was a glorious 2 minutes.  Sure, they are all in there 30s now.  Regardless, it was spectacular!

The best part of the performance, though, was when the camera cut to the audience and showed one of the new boy bands (I am extremely proud to say that I have no idea who they are), and all of them were clapping, but not a single one was on the right beat.  That’s right people, the boy band that I loved so much are now in there 30s and still have there S#%@ tight, and the sad little groups today can’t even clap in unison or on beat.

When I was an awkward middle schooler I was 100% in love with Justin Timberlake (which I’m actually not embarrassed about, that man keeps getting better: how can one person be that talented?).  So I’m happy that he’s so successful on his own, but there is something about seeing those 5 grown men dancing in unison, trying to out-sing each other, that just makes me all warm and fuzzy.


Here’s the performance that made all the late 20-somethings care about MTV again:

So thank you NSYNC, you made my heart happy!


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