for a rainy day

I Wish People Really Broke into Dance During Everyday Activities

I have a theory, born from a childhood of loving musicals.  I think (and am actually suggesting, for any easily persuaded people) that the boring, everyday activities that usually make me want to scream and/or hit somebody in the face, would be better if real people actually broke out in big musical numbers.

Picture it with me:

Standing in line at the post office, bored and crabby because the old lady at the front of the line is trying to decide which stamps to buy, and all of a sudden THIS happens–


Or your at the bus stop and THIS happens–


Wouldn’t the world be better if you were making coffee at work in the morning and being serenaded by THIS–


Personally, I just want to walk down the street and see a little bit of THIS–


I would enjoy conversations more if they ended with THIS–


I just think the world would be a happier, shinier place.  After all, random musical numbers are part of why Disney movies are so glorious and delightful.  

Random dance numbers: do it!

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