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You’ve never seen STAR WARS??? Are you serious?

Today made me sad. I came into work excited, optimistic even. After all, it’s Friday AND payday, so win-win! I sat down at my desk and started to work.
Now you should know, I have an Obi Wan button hanging in my cubicle:

I like to think that he reminds me throughout the day to use the force.
So I am innocently working, you know, glamorous stuff like answering emails, when a coworker walks over and says, who is that?
(Hang on, I’m crying in disappointment again)
Unable to hide my astonishment, I very politely said “are you kidding me, that’s Obi Wan. What is wrong with you?”. No response. “Obi Wan Kenobi”. Still nothing, except a pathetic “is he an actor, I’ve never heard of him”.
Even if you didn’t have a childhood (and btw, if you haven’t seen the original 3 Star Wars movies you HAVEN’T had a proper childhood), how can you not know these characters and the story? Almost every show has done a parody, spoof, salute or mention of Star Wars…HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE MISSED ALL THOSE?
So I did what any concerned coworker and friend would do: I made him poll the rest of the office with me to ensure that he was the only unfortunate one.
It’s so sad, bc even if he watches it now he won’t love it like those of us who grew up with it. How can parents deprive their children of something so wondrous? Up until this morning I had no idea that such people even existed.
Sad day

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