for a rainy day

Rainy Day is MOVING!!!

Y’all, there is change afoot. And I know, change can be a scary and painful bitch, but bare with me here because (SPOILER ALERT) this one ends with us all happy…. and maybe with a cookie.

Here, let me begin by telling you a story:

Once upon a time, many years ago, Tracy made a blog. She started this blog because writing is the great love of her life. Oh, and also because embarrassing sh*t happens to her pretty much on a daily basis and those stories are just too humiliating and perfect to NOT be told. She named this blog FOR A RAINY DAY.

But (seeing as this is Tracy and she has very little follow through) she spent about the same amount of time as a standard commercial break building the actual site…. because blogs don’t last, right?

Anyways, fast forward 4.5 years later (seriously, can you believe this little blog has been going that long?), and I’m still absolutely in love with writing this nonsense and embarrassing myself on the interwebs. So now, almost 5 years after starting my blog, I decided to do it the right way.

So I followed the established STEPS OF HOW TO PROPERLY BUILD A NEW WEBSITE, which are:

Step 1: Come up with a great idea! (this will 
either take 2 months or 25 years)

Step 2: Foolishly think "I can do this myself. 
All I need is Google and lots of optimism!

Step 3: Remember that you do not know how to 
do anything and that you don't speak internet 

Step 4: Work very hard for 4 straight days, 
only to realize that you have accomplished 
just one thing.

Step 5: Celebrate anyways

Step 6: Realize that you need a name and theme 
for the new site, and that it needs to be adorable 
and also marketable and also perfect and, oh yeah, 
also embody all of your grand plans for the site, 
as well as your hopes and dreams for your future 

Step 7: <<insert so many naps here. Like, TOO MANY 
naps. A dangerous and irresponsible amount on naps, 

Step 8: Finally come up with the greatest idea 
that you HAVE EVER HAD!

Step 9: This success empowers you to experience 
8-10 days of wondrous motivation and productivity

Step 10: ...followed immediately by 8-10 days of 
splendid procrastination, in which you decide that 
instead of working, you will attempt to create the 
single greatest mac & cheese recipe that the world 
has ever known.

Step 11: Get back to work and set an absolutely 
firm deadline to launch the new site. 

Step 12: Immediately get a kidney stone and fail 
SUPER hard.

Step 13: Too stoned on pain meds to care about how 
much you are in fact failing.

Step 14: Time passes and you suddenly remember that 
you were supposed to be doing something.....

Step 15: Work super freaking hard!

Step 16: Say "Meh, good enough!"

Step 18: Wait for instant fame and watch out your 
window for a limo.

You know... all of the fairly standard steps of web development.

And so here we are! Moving to a shiny new site. A new home, really. And that home is THE LOST POPPET. But nothing is really changing, except for the bookmark. All of the posts written here at For a Rainy Day have already made the move over there. So…… it is change, but only mostly.

You may be asking yourself: What the hell is a POPPET?

And don’t worry, the content of this blog will never change. The new theme and platform are just a step toward the vision I’ve always had for this blog. I don’t want to just embarrass myself in the Tri-State area; I want to take this shit on the road and embarrass myself in new and exciting and foreign-international-incident type places. I want to take Poppet on adventures where the 2 of us will make terrible choices in exciting new places! And this change is the first step to this beautiful vision. 

There are also some great improvements, including COMMENTING, a shiny new store, and so many fun possibilities that I am working up. 

So after months of planning and hard work (which those who have been reading here for a while know, hard work is not in my nature), please allow me to welcome you officially to THE LOST POPPET!

New name —- new look —- new POPPET! But everything else will be exactly the same.

But the thing is, I don’t want to lose all of you lovely subscribers in this move, so please come with me to the new site. No really, I love you so freaking much, so please come with me!!! Click here:

I love you guys! Thank you for reading me all those years, and also PLEASE DON’T EVER LEAVE ME!

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