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Survivor’s Log


Survivor’s log.  Something has happened.  I don’t wish to cause a panic but I think it’s safe to say that the world is most definitely coming to an end.  The grocery stores are bare and the streets have emptied.  The ground is completely covered in what looks to be white ash, yet it’s dropping the temperature significantly.  I’m hiding safely in my apartment where I will keep this journal for future generations.



Conditions have worsened outside.  All movement and signs of life are gone.  I appear to be the only survivor.


The white debris has completely sealed off the building, accumulating in a huge mass in front of the door where it solidified.  It’s unclear if the neighbors in the building have survived as there has been no movement in the stairwell, but I’ve re-enforced my front door in case they run low on supplies and feel the need to turn to cannibalism.  That old lady upstairs has the shifty eyes and I will not be going down without a fight.


In other news I am no longer taking my dog outside to do her business, but we have established a pee corner.


Happy to report that the sun came up and has not exploded causing an age of eternal darkness as I previously supposed.  Still no signs of life as I remain locked and loaded with my taser and homemade potato gun.


Whoa, turns out that is NOT how you make a potato gun.  There was an incident…the gun was not actually functional.  In unrelated news my eye is fine and the bruising should go down in 4-6 days.


To keep up my strength I ate all the pop tarts and cereal.  I am feeling strong, but the food in the cabinet is dwindling more swiftly then I had anticipated.



Still no movement outside.  I’ve filled the bathtub with drinking water and blacked out the windows.  This should hold for a while.

*2 days later*


I just ate the last can of soup.  I estimate that I should be dead within 48 hours of starvation.  I mean there is still technically a huge pack of mac and cheese but it’s low fat, and is a life of low fat mac and cheese even worth living?


I haven’t seen another person in days.  I fear they must have all perished.


The white mounds have only grown stronger.  I slept last night for the first time since this disaster began, and while I slumbered my enemy called in reinforcements.  When I awoke from my weakened state it had grown by another four inches.  My foe has proven a worthy adversary.


My body is getting stronger.  Through a strict regiment of energy drinks and not shaving my legs I believe I am adapting like a champion to the new world climate.  I wonder if the weather keeps changing if I will grow gills?


For real, I haven’t shaved in days.  I have the legs of a Viking warrior.  I am so good at survival!


We have officially reached DEATH-CON-ALPHA!  The internet is now down, which means this shit just got real!  The Doctor Who streaming has stopped and now there is no way to survive this ordeal.



I think the room is shrinking.  Is there someone inside the wall?  I swear I just saw the yellow wallpaper move!


I’ve taken a sedative and am feeling much more at peace about the person living in the wall.  Bethany, was it?


The power is out!  The heat is no longer working.  But that’s okay because I am equipped to handle this.


<<<*frantically breaking coffee table with ax and building a fire in the middle of the living room*>>>


I’ll admit, that fire got away from me for a moment.  It would have been helpful if someone had told me that carpet was flammable.  That feels like a lesson my parents failed to properly instill, so we’ll call this their fault.  I’ve moved home camp into the back bedroom as the living room is no longer, what some might call “structurally safe for inhabitation”.



Decided to venture outside.  Layered as many clothes as possible and then wrapped myself in Saran Wrap, save for a small hole for my breathing straw.  This should protect from any harmful radiation that may be present.


It was a mistake!  No more outside. Not ever.


My roommate has apparently survived.  She returned home in an irate frame of mind, agitated at the burned shell of our living room.  I was able to calm her with a quick jolt of the taser and she is now resting comfortably in the hall closet, which I barricaded.  She was outside for too long and therefore may be compromised.  The quarantine is the best thing for her now, which I will tell her once she regains consciousness and starts seeing reason again.

Day 5


I think the worst has passed.  The mounds are decreasing, and though I do fear an impending flood from the melting and climate change, it appears that the worst may have passed.  This is what the police outside my door are yelling.  They say my neighbors called them?  Well joke is on you, neighbors, because they will never get through that barricade!

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