for a rainy day

Unicorn Terrorizes City

Something wonderful happened!

I can only assume that God has looked down upon my dreams and fantasies and decided in his infinite wisdom to bring those pearls to life.  Because THIS:



And the world rejoiced, and there was much gladness and joy throughout the land, and the people were merry, for they had seen true happiness.

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This also proves that California truly is the most magical place on earth, because not only do they have zero humidity, they also have f*cking unicorns roaming the f*cking street!!!


And the world is a little bit better today because YES the economy is still garbage, and YES Trump is still a candidate somehow, and YES Michael Bay is still making movies, but none of that is as bleak as it twas a few days ago, because today my heart smiles knowing that somewhere in the world the cops were called and had to engage in an all out police chase pursuing a white unicorn through a California highway.


God, thank you for reading my mind and turning that mess into the greatest day ever!


In other news, sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently.  It’s just that I finally got my bed back after all that homelessness, so I’ve been catching up on my favorite hobby…

I love you all, and so I give you this nugget-


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