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Things We All Love

I’ve had a super long, busy and stressful two weeks.  Like REALLY long.  Like… whatever you’re imagining, go ahead and double– NO– triple that.  That’s why there have been no blog posts or amusing stories lately–> because people don’t want to read about me working long days, taking out my frustration on french fries, and then falling asleep at 8pm. This is also the reason I will never have a reality show: because nobody wants to watch a grown woman stand in front of the open fridge while on the phone with her sister asking “how firm do you think these expiration dates are… like is there wiggle room, or will I most definitely die?”


So I decided to cheer myself up with the interwebs, searching through it’s depths for some of my favorite things. The wondrous things that never fail to make me smile.  And let me tell you, the interwebs did NOT disappoint. 


And now I am bringing that joy to you, my friends! I have made you a little post of happiness.  Or more specifically, a list of the things that are so wonderful that they are loved universally by us all!  Some are from my adventures this week in internet-spelunking, some are from my daily coping mechanisms, and some are from scientifically proven fact. And I hope that they make you smile and laugh uncontrollably, and follow the internet rabbit hole to bliss.

Things we ALL can’t help but love
#1. Hitting the snooze button in the morning
#2. Cinnamon! Because it tastes like fall and love.
#3. Cartoons that make inappropriate adult jokes

tumblr_lkhe0fKP2q1qi4ns0o1_500 (1) #4. Being picked up at the airport
#5. Friendly barristas (an endangered species)

#6. Toilet paper rolling over, not under
#7. Zooey Deschanel

zooey-hugs#8. This video of 2 guys reunited with their pet lion

#9. Chai
#10. Post-its
#11. Being the little spoon

5dbcecc9f9906046c27a5590c664c27c #12. All versions of the song “Hallelujah”…it brings all the feels

#13. Princess Kate
#14. Buddy the Elf

nooooooo_elf #15. Trying to figure out what the DVD in the van ahead of you is watching
#16. The way Schmidt says panties

#17. The instant relief of canceled plans-“woohoo, my night just became pants optional!” Speaking of which:
#18. Not wearing pants
#19. Running yellow lights
#20. Pants without a waistband
#21. This video

#22. Coco the guerrilla
#23. Air conditioning

runaway_bride_by_feedouce-d30i486 #24. Hating Time Warner Cable (it’s what unites us as a people)
#25. Abraham Lincoln
#26. Cowbell sketch:
#27. Laughing so hard that you actually, literally cry
#28. Christmas
#29. Potatoes
#30. Taking fake sick days off work
#31. Twinkle lights
#32. Clocking out at the end of the day
#33. This blog (what? how did this get here?) 



I hope you’re smiling now! Feel all the happy feelings my friends!

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