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Deep Thoughts with Tracy, #2

Because this is too long to TWEET!

Occasionally I try to do things that are healthy, mostly because Facebook has become a sneaky source of shame because people will not stop posting gym selfies…(photoshopped gym selfies with those filters that make everything look perfect…where you are wearing makeup…and not sweating…standing in front of a mirror, not near a piece of equipment…making a funny face…5 minutes before you check in at Starbucks—whoops, that’s a different post…you gym fakers. How dare you)

So my bare minimum healthy choice of the day was eating dehydrated fruit which I LOVE!!! I replaced a meal with some craisins and dried apricots and it was lovely! And I felt really good about myself.

…and then I drank a bunch of water (because science told me to)…

And then my mind exploded! Does eating dehydrated fruit, then drinking water turn the fruit back into normal fruit? Have I rehydrated all of the fruit? Did I just nibble little bits of fruit-jerky like a f**king vegan and then have it turn into full fruit in my belly? Did I just have two bites of food and eat 800 full apricots?

Screw you, health! You have tricked me for the last time with your witchery! I’m going to go talk to some fries about this.

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