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The Greatest News Ever!

You know how people say that dreams do come true? Yeah, it turns out that is a REAL THING!! Who knew?

You know how I know that? Because it just happened to me! And I’m not talking about the dream where Jeremy Renner shows up at my door with a huge diamond (that dream we are still waiting on; I’ll let you know when he shows up). I’m talking about the dream that I have had since I was in the 3rd grade. Drumroll please……………………..


dancing bear

Yeah, go ahead and take a moment to celebrate that, because you better believe I have been losing my damn mind since I found out!

Have you heard of HelloGiggles? If you haven’t than you definitely need to meet them now because they are adorable. It’s an online publication founded by Zooey Deschanel and several very talented writers/editors/literary puppeteer geniuses that has built a huge following. And they just emailed that they are going to publish a post I submitted!


And not just that, they also asked me if I would like to be one of their paid contributors. Meaning I would have my own page under their contributors list with all of my articles because they want to KEEP PUBLISHING PIECES FROM ME! If you are doing the math at home that means that I am OFFICIALLY BEING PAID TO WRITE! I’m a damn writer!


And if you think about it I now totally work for Zooey Deschanel [a.k.a.Jessica Day/a.k.a. the cutest person alive] because I write for her site. It totally makes sense…you know…if you tilt your head and squint. Just one step closer to she and I being best friends. It’s happening.


This is also another huge step toward my life goal of traveling the world with my laptop and a suitcase full of sweatpants. And Jeremy Renner of course…where is that guy? He should really be here by now…


Gosh he’s adorable. I’m ready when you are Hawkeye.

So everybody who ever asked me “oh, you have an English degree? So what are you going to do with that? Teach? Work as a bank teller probably?” You can come ask me again because now I have a f**king answer! I’m way too excited, can you tell?
So thank you my lovely friends for reading my blog and telling me that you like it and giving me the courage to start sending out my writing. You just made my dream come true.

So here it is; my first ever published piece:
A lesson in rising above horrible bosses

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