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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

It’s that magical day where we make general statements either about how great or terrible the entire past year was…which is fair right? To make a blanket statement about 365 days/18980 minutes.

My year was generally okay. Nothing ridiculously superb, but nothing to awful. Really, just a general blah year, and I’m okay with that.


A lot of people will be making resolutions tonight. As far as resolution, I don’t really do that. I’d like to say “I’m going to work out every day and write a novel and cure a major disease”, but apparently it’s not a wish you make to a genie in a lamp, it’s things you actually have to make happen with your own willpower. Pass. It’s not that I don’t like setting myself up for disappointment (because I do), it’s just that there is no difference between this day and the other days I didn’t go to the gym.


I do something different, inspired by my mom who is 40% Mother Teresa and 60% Pollyanna. She does weekly goals, where you set one small goal a week and see it through, then make the next goal. That way I (with my commitment phobia and general lethargic nature) don’t get overwhelmed and I actually get stuff done. The one exception to this I will share with you: my YEAR resolution is to get to Scotland by the end of the year. I don’t care how it happens, I just need to get there. Scotland is my 1 blinding goal. Is there anyone out there who works for an airline or has access to free tickets? Or anyone who wants to go to Scotland and needs a travelling companion like in Little Women? I will happily read you books while you nap. I’ll even chaperone a school trip or lead a tour group. Scotland, someone please make it happen!

I really like New Years (which you’ve probably guessed bc I really like ALL holidays), but it’s not my favorite for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s really late. I shoot awake around 7am on weekends, 5am on weekdays. That translates to a very pathetic Tracy around midnight.
  2. When people gather in large numbers they get stupider. Now clarification: I am not saying that INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE are STUPID, I am saying that when INDUIVIDUAL PEOPLE commune together in large numbers they fall in to mob mentality, and that mob is annoyingly stupid.48694-finding-nemo-seagulls-gif-snRh 
  3. People make a bunch of resolutions that they aren’t going to keep

But I do enjoy New Years the way that I am celebrating this year. The keys to my perfecto evening: sweatpants, couch, 3yr old nephew, Despicable Me, and our living room dance party. Suck it rest of the world!

Photo on 12-31-13 at 8.53 PM #6

Combine that with the fact that I’m a smidgen sick and I woke up at 4am for work and the couch is looking even more inviting.

Now I used to go out. In fact, I seem to have a pattern. I’ll go out 2-3 years in a row on the Eve of the New Year, but then I take the following New Years Eve to recoup at home with Dick Clark. I need that year off to forget why I don’t usually go out. For example, here is how I spent the past 2 NYE (I’m abbreviating now because that sucks to type).

2012: Out dancing with a friend, one of her friends, and 3 friends of the friend. So I knew a sum total of 1 person within the group. The thing about dancing is that drinking is a key factor. Well, I don’t drink so I’m therefore bored of dancing after the first hour. Now me and my friend, we were on the same page with the game plan: go dancing, ring in the New Year, 12:05 get in the car and go home so we can take off these heels. That was the plan. But oh, around 12:07 the plan went astray. We had been there for about 3 hours and the ladies had spent that time drinking like it was the end of the world. They were self medicating like a doctor was about to remove a limb with a rusty steak knife. So at approximately 12:08 the 3 members of our group (whom I didn’t know at all a few hours ago) fanned out. With military like precision they dashed to opposite sides of the club. So as I and my friend (the only 2 sober people in the room and possibly on the continent) were forcing our way through the dancing crowd on our search and rescue mission to try to gather the rest of our party and inch them toward the cab. Our mistake was in the fact that we underestimated the lengths a party girl is willing to go to in order to stay at a NYE party. Rookie mistake Combs. We would find one and take her with us to go find the others, but no sooner was one spotted than the captured girl escaped and merged back into the thumping mass. It took 3 hours to get them all in the same location. Unfortunately, that location was the bathroom where one of the girls was passed out on the slightly moistened floor of the club. I wanted to help, but not as much as I absolutely didn’t want to touch her. I’m just saying, I saw why the floor was wet…no thank you. So the people who had known her longer than an hour lifted her and we set out on our journey.

Now that the fellowship was back together, we set out on the excursion to the door. The problem, however, is that every club places the bathrooms on the wall farthest from the door to try to impede escape and good judgment. At this point I was determined to get out though; elbow up as I moved through the crowd, herding the group like cats toward the door.


Oh what a Happy New Year

2013: Party at a friend’s house. Sounds innocent enough. Except that everyone in the city showed up. By the time I got there the whole street was shut down and cars were parked 3 deep. I parked a block over and walked in…and I made it as far as the porch. That’s where I spent the first 30 minutes because the crowd inside was so full there wasn’t even enough room to shift through. New people couldn’t go inside until a few people left.


I finally got inside around 10:30 and my plan was to make the rounds, say hello, and get out before I developed claustrophobia. This was the night a man who was a complete stranger to me tried to make out with my cheek. Ah romance. Just a word of advice gentleman: if a girl is turning her cheek whenever you try to kiss her, maybe don’t try again…and again…and yet again. For reals, it just kept happening to the point that I was out the door by 12:10. In fact, we could take the advice a little farther: don’t try to make out with a complete stranger, whether it’s NYE or not. You’re welcome.

So, taking that all in to account, I decided to take this year as my year off and celebrate in the greatest way possible:


Our plans: 1.Food- 2.Cartoons- 3.Juice and Sparkling Grape Juice- 4.Nap- 5.Wake up for the midnight countdown- 6.More Nap. Yes, I did just describe the perfect evening.

I hope your 2013 was great and your 2014 is even better with lots of other happy shiny things for you. So Happy New Years friends!!! Here is the perfect video to start the year off right!!!


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Spending NYE with that lovely boy sounds like the best way by FAR! (Blow him extra love kisses for me)

  2. Thanks for a great reaad

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