for a rainy day

1,000 READS!!!!


Folks, we just hit 1,000 reads here on the blog!!!!

You have no idea how happy I am right now.  I am so glad that people are enjoying reading the ridiculousness that is on this blog.  I feel loved friends!  And I have really enjoyed the feedback and the conversations.  You all are magnificent and beautiful, special little snowflakes.

Thank you for the texts and comments.  Please keep them coming.

Also, if you like the blog please share it!

A few people have asked me how they can sign up to receive notifications when a new post is published.  If you’re interested in that, there should be a little tab on the bottom of the screen that says +FOLLOW and you can just add your email.  If you hate email notifications, then no worries, let’s just move along. 

I published the blog in August and was super nervous but I’ve been so surprised that people like it!  

Please know that you are all loved.  And here is a hug from me:


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