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I Have A Conscience!

shut it down

So it turns out that I do in fact have a conscience! Celebrate that friends, some of us were wondering if it still existed.  I know that it still exists because I put up a blog post the other day and then immediately deleted it because I was afraid it might come across mean and that is NEVER my intention.  This is just supposed to be fun.  So I consulted with one of my trusted friends who reads faster than I am able to log in and click delete and then decided to keep it down.  Maybe I’ll try to shine it up and re-post at some point…maybe I won’t and you’ll never know…

Either way, new post later tonight.  But here is this to hold you over since I haven’t posted for a while:

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One thought on “I Have A Conscience!

  1. Hi. THAT’S HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY LIFE! I am Jess. Minus the cute bangs.

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