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Harry Potter Weekend Day#2

Day 2 started beautifully. I woke up and it felt like fall outside, so I celebrated with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and took my dog for a nice long walk outside in the cold…and then I slunk back into the shadows.

Harry Potter #2-Chamber of Secrets

  • Okay, straight off the bat I have a question. Why do people like Dobby? Is he adorable and snuggly in the book, because what I’m looking at is super annoying. He’s like the Jar-Jar Binks of the Harry Potter franchise.


  • Of all the weird things in these movies, I have to say that the most unbelievable and over exaggerated thing is the terrible family at the beginning of the movies.
  • And then everything was well with the world, because out strolls the wonderful Kenneth Branagh…


  • If you aren’t a Shakespears fan than you probably have no idea who he is, but that man has made so many Shakespeare movies (most of them great) that you would think he was a family heir. LOVE.HIM.
  • I hate when movies add live trees. Every since the bleeding tree in Sleepy Hollow it genuinely freaks me out. And then Lord of the Rings was the final straw in the animated tree hating for me (nothing like intense battle scenes spliced with long clips of a tree walking and telling old man stories-it’s spellbinding).
  • Quidditch matches are now my break time. I see it coming and I know it’s Happy-Sandwich-Break-Time.
  • Moaning Myrtle…seriously? But honestly, I got super happy at this point, because I am almost certain that Moaning Myrtle is Edina’s daughter from Ab-Fab


  • If you weren’t a fan of that show, I’m sorry. You’re probably a great person though. I, however, loved Absolutely Fabulous.
  • How much do you think it would cost to install Dumbledore’s staircase? That thing is magnificent. I guess our muggle-equivalent is the chair that goes up and down the stairs.



  • Whooooo-Hoooooo: the Quidditch match was cancelled!!! And celebrations were had by all (Sandwich-Break-Time will have to wait)
  • I love the magic, but sometimes it’s a little convenient. “Oh no, I’ve been stabbed in the arm with a snake’s fang. Oh that’s right, a Phoenix’s tears are healing and one just happens to be flying over me. Whew!”

***powering through lunch***

Harry Potter #3-The Prisoner of Azkaban

This one is my favorite for one very special reason:


  • I love Gary Oldman. That was inevitable for me because my brother lo-o-o-ves some Gary Oldman and so from an early age I have been told of his greatness, and now he holds a special place of awe for me. Plus, I just love Gary Oldman (full name always, show him some respect) as the “bad guy”.



  • I can and will speak of his greatness throughout the rest of the day, and probably until someone finally gives that man his overdue Oscar.
  • There is a new Dumbledore now, an everyone breathes a sigh of relief. It’s not that the last guy was bad, it’s just that he always had the look of a man about to collapse and see a tunnel of light.


  • The aunt inflating…I’ve seen that somewhere before…


  • This is the movie where things shift and they start to get a little bit eery: dementors and escaped convicts and such. Maybe it’s the fact that I was born on Halloween but I kind of love the dark shift.
  • Sirius Black has got to be the coolest name ever…no joke, if I have a son that shall be his name, so it was decreed, on this day September the 14th in the year 2013.
  • When they are learning about the strange flying eagle/bird creature I misheard the name. It’s actually Hypogriff, but I heard Hypocrite, which made the following line far funnier: “You do not want to insult a Hypocrite, it may be the last thing you ever do”.
  • As Harry was taking his special flight with the Hypocrite (yes, I’m sticking with that interpretation), I had a thought. Do you know who I feel bad for? Everybody at this school who isn’t Harry, Ron or Hermoine. It’s gotta suck to be there all year but not be the chosen 3.

So Sirius/The Great Gary Oldman wasn’t the bad guy after all, and we all learned an important lesson about judging others.

  • Werewolves…that’s not how they’re supposed to look. I’ve been told they look like this:


  • Or at least like this:


  • An invisibility cloak…are we funding this research? I feel like we should be. No way should we have created a shake-weight but not a cloak of invisibility.

I’m behind schedule because my roommate has this idea of it being unhealthy to quarantine yourself in the house for days, so she made me go out for dinner.


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