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Happy Halloween, Because Somehow I’m Still Alive

Today is my birthday. And also Halloween. Or as you probably refer to it in your own homes: the greatest day of all the days!

And I woke up this morning to so many wonderful notifications on my phone from people I love, who were wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! But there was also one peculiar message… peculiar because it was from me… from a year ago, popping up in my reminders. A creepy warning from past Tracy:


And then I remembered why I’d sent this ominous message to myself in the future! It happened last year at Harry Potter world, and my brother in law (Reid) kept making little comments about me enjoying my day, and then he would end each of those comments with the phrase “that’s nice for your last birthday.” And at first I thought he was just making old jokes about my 30th birthday…

But then after a few hours of him making the same sinister comment, something clicked and all the parts of my brain began shouting alerts and connecting the dots for me, and I realized…

Me: “Um…. Reid… are you going to kill me?”

Reid: <giving a not at all comforting, super casual shrug>

Kanye west shrug ass

So then and there, I put a reminder in my phone that would go off on my 31st birthday exactly one year later. A message to either (1)celebrate the fact that I’d survived because Reid was either kidding or he was just too busy to follow through on all the murderings, or (2)alert the police that he was the one they should be looking into.

So let’s celebrate, because it turns out I’m alive to turn 31!!!


And also Happy Halloween, which I must say was done up right at my house this year!







Wednesday Addams costume

Wednesday Addams costume… except I’m actually paler than Wednesday

Happy Halloween, friends! And a very happy my birthday to all of you!


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