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Best Of…

Friends, next week is a big deal for me.  Next week will officially be the one year anniversary of this blog!

Now, you may be saying “Seriously Tracy, that’s not really that big of a milestone so why don’t you just calm down a smidgen”.  But it is a big deal my lovelies, for I have an inability to see things through once I start them, so this occasion for me is akin to the first space shuttle launch.


 So let us celebrate!

I thought it would be fun to look back at the last year and you guys tell me which post was your favorite.  Based on your input these are the contenders. (Click on title to open post)

First Date Eavesdropping

Blog Post: Special Victim’s Unit

Family Texting Plan

You’re DVR Can’t Handle The 90’s

So This Now Exists

Insomnia Is A Jerk

And do you know what would be super?  If after you picked your favorite one you clicked the little share button at the bottom of the post.  Or if you really love me share all of them!  I need this blog to get famous like now so I can fulfill my dream of working at home and blogging all day in a pants-optional world.  

Then vote for your favorite here:

[And that is when I discovered polls and how much fun they are and therefore decided to dedicate my day to poll creation…for the good of us all…probably.]

Ooooh those are fun!  This might be a favorite new blog addition. Results will be up next week on the ridiculously overdone birthday post.  VOTE!  Do it!


I’m having so much fun with this blog!  Thank you for caring enough to keep reading.  There are about 50 of you that read regularly and if you tell me who you are there will most likely be gifts of cash and prizes heading your way!

If you want to give me a blog-birthday…blirthday…blogthday…blorthday present all I want is for you to follow and comment.  For reals, I am easy to please.  Click the little FOLLOW button at the top of the page.  And leave me comments.  Comments are like warm hugs for the insecure blogger.  I like them…please send them to me!


Comments are also helpful when I try to market this train wreck of inner monologue thoughts.  And they make my blog look fancy to all of the important blog overlords who decide if I get to be successful or if I have to eat Ramen for the rest of my life.  So COMMENT!!! Make my dreams come true with your debates and feedback.  Please…

Stewie_love_me!You guys are the best!  For reals, THE BEST!!!


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  1. Really?

  2. Really?!🎨😍

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