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Snuggies and Blogs


So this blog may in fact make me a hypocrite, since up until this point I have not been a fan of blogs.  Of course, there should be no surprise found in my shifting opinion. That happens all the time. For example:  
1) I, along with most coherent intelligent people, used to shamelessly mock people who owned small dogs and opted to dress them…at least I did until I adopted a dog from the shelter…and them found a super cute halloween costume that I had to buy her.  
2) Then there is the snuggie, which to me is ridiculous because I know how to work a blanket.  However, that snuggie is looking better and better to me now.  
So I suppose writing a blog should come as no surprise to me as I have proven myself a hypocrite time and again.  I’m okay with that.

I was speaking with my friend Charie about how much I love to write and how I want to pursue that in my life.  She smiled and said, “Great, so what are you writing?”, to which I responded with an eloquent “um…well..nothing.”  So as that realization shamed me for a moment, she suggested a blog as a way to get started, and I took the challenge.  So will this endeavor be a success?  I guess that depends on how well sarcasm translates through written word.

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