for a rainy day


Why did you decide to start a blog 10 years after everybody else?

My sister moved away and I got sad, and that is how For A Rainy Day was birthed. I needed a place to dump all of those weird conversations that I would usually have with her. The first weekend she was gone is when I blogged the Harry Potter shut-in weekend, and the support I got was amazing so I kept it up.

Your last name is Combs, so why does all of your writing say Tracy Lynn?

Lynn is my middle name, and Combs is a super weird last name (no disrespect Diddy, but even you don’t use it). Besides, doesn’t Tracy Lynn just sound like a southern author’s name? Can’t you just picture me lounging under a Willow tree wearing a hoop skirt and typing on my laptop? (That sounds like a photo that needs to happen). Now, if I ever become TRULY famous I plan on dropping the whole name and just using a symbol like Prince, because that’s how you know that you’ve truly made it in this world.

Hey Trace, what the hell is wrong with you?

Well friends, I like to trace it back to when I was a youngin. I had a deep love of John Travolta and was very poorly supervised, which is how I wound up accidentally watching Pulp Fiction at the age of ten. It was not a great choice. I’m still coping emotionally and Quentin Tarantino and I have a complicated relationship to this day.

What are your political and religious views and why aren’t you writing angry posts shaming people who disagree with you?

Because the world has enough of that. I just want to make people laugh and provide them with a little 5 minute break in their day. My personal opinions on those big scary issues will never wind up here.

Why do you hate pants so much?

Pants are ridiculous, unless they are sweatpants. If I had a nemesis in this world it would be pants. If I am at home I am ALWAYS sans pants, and it is glorious. I don’t understand why this needed explaining…

Do I have to have a WordPress account to follow this blog?

Nope.  Just type in your email address and that’s it!

What is the meaning of life?


Are these questions really frequently asked?

No…no they are not.

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